Cross the bridge,create possibilities#writephoto.

Over the cool streams was a bridge Surrounded by the beautiful site of nature in its glory They’ve always sat at one end wondering what was on the other side “Never border”, let’s just be here said one to the other It’s always fun hanging here together. Besides, there may be nothing fascinating on the…

Tuesday Trickles

  A trickle of inspiration to keep you going this beautiful Tuesday. ©OBA 2018.

Monday Motivation.

  Outside the window the weather feels really cool The road is wet it’s has rained all morning It’s the beginning of a new working week It’s a beautiful Monday Though the past week was dark and gloomy Here’s hoping that Light will shine through… regardless How do you want to show up to the…

Wordless Wednesday.

  I was really fascinated by the architecture of this ancient building of the king’s palace in SPAIN, PLAZA DE ESPANOL. These edifices attract a lot of tourist enthusiasts from around the world. The picture was taken during my 6 days vacation in Madrid, Spain.   Shalom! (c. OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Though Fallen… #writephoto.

Fallen, never to rise again so was the thought though cut off from the root it’s spread all around the forest The roots are still alive, at the scent of water magic is in the uprising. Though fallen, still I rise. Surrounded by these great witnesses standing side by side earth’s fullness will prod through me Yet…

Photo of the Day.

This is my photo of the day. Taken yesterday as we went out and about the City of Madrid. This is a section of the mall PARQUESUE, I was fascinated by the inscription on the wall. I had to take the picture. EL AGUA FUENTE DE VIDA! meaning The Water as fountain of life.   copyright (c….

Get Ready you leave tonight.

Those were the words, she heard her director say to her on the other line. Immediately her jaw dropped, a cold chill overwhelmed from head to toe, she began to shiver and stutter simultaneously, as she asked,”what about my baby”?. she couldn’t just fathom the thought of leaving her almost 8-month-old baby, and travel about 567km by air…

My Muse…bestowed.

Look what heaven gave me At middle age year See the beautiful treasure Bestowed on me  when I least expected He is now my muse An inspiration Those tiny feet are growing And those hands too, his grip getting stronger It seems like yesterday, He was so small and new. Now I watch him as…

Fun in the Sun. # ronovanwrites #weekly #Haiku.

  Hey  baby baby it’s a sunny day wanna take off your shoes let’s take a walk on the beach it’s time for some  fun under the sunny skies with you by my side…   (c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle.