Help Others… find their voice.

It’s Friday, the end of another working week. It is also the day I get to spend time with my team of musicians to rehearse, pray and generally prepare ourselves for the programs we have ahead.

We haven’t met in the last two weeks, so today’s meeting was very crucial and important too because I have been doing some mental assessment of the team, and also planning new goals to achieve collectively.

As they came in one after the other, I started engaging them in conversation buttressing on the need for all of to step up in other to take the team to another level of productivity and higher impact in our service first to God and then humanity.

As Stephen Covey said, about the 8 habit, moving from effectiveness to greatness. As you grow it is important to help others to grow by helping them to unleash their human potentials and capabilities to the fullest- This is one of the main cruces of true leadership. when a leader has found his or her voice in which lies the discovery of talents, understanding passion and using the talents and passion to meet the needs around with a clear conscience to do right and be right then it is expedient that the leader helps those around him to find theirs as well.

I believe this is a kind of paying it forward in leadership.

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. we should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”   ALBERT SCHWEITZER.

How can you help other people find their voices? First and Foremost you must have found yours. We are always surrounded by people- family, friends, workmate, colleagues, church community and on and on.

  • Affirming others- Offering emotional support and encouragement to the people around us, helping them to be the best version of themselves at every point in time. This is so important in the parent relationship with their children.
  • Unite others- Making all joints supply for a common goal, it is the responsibility of leadership to combine and incorporate so as to form a single whole.
  • Motivate and inspire- provide them with a reason to do something, propel them and not only that make them feel they have the potentials to achieve the unimaginable.
  • providing the enabling environment for others to thrive- voices can’t be found in a harsh and austere environment, therefore the onus is on leaders to provide an environment where people can blossom with their talents and passion.

In what ways are you helping the people around you to find their voices? Remember everything rises and falls on Leadership, whether in the home front or at work or in the community.

When you find your voice, you motivate and help others find theirs.






There is something in the house.

No matter how scanty or scarce things might be or look like, there is always something somewhere in the house.

History has a countless record of ordinary people who found something out of their seemingly nothing situations and became world-changers as a result of that.

This reminds me of the story of that widow from 2kings 4:1-7, She was in a dire situation which looked bleak and seemed like help was nowhere to be found. Her husband just died and she had just found that they had become bankrupt all of a sudden, and now the creditors were threatening to take her sons as lawful captives… least until she can pay up all the debts.

You know the whole story. Often times we think we are in a barren ,bleak place without hope of productivity, but if you will just look within and around you, and you find that there is still something in the house, that can be used to propel you and those around you into a place of relevance and significance.

There is something in the house, either a skill,ability or talent , you have something that God has deposited in you to make an impact and to bring glory to Him.


You may be feeling stuck and controlled by the circumstances  around but God has a great plan to lift you out of that despondency,because there is something in your house, He wants to turn the little insignificant skill,talent into a big deal so that you can actually be an extension of His goodness and love on this side of eternity.

There is something in the house,anchored in  the purposes of God for your life,and because He knows your address,He is ready to turn that ‘little or nothing’ into much when you trust Him all the way.

There is something in the House, Look up to God ,to show you what it is and where it is,and watch Him multiply it as you put it to use.



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A life governed by principles!

Life is governed by principles,and when you align yourself with the principles of life you will definitely succeed. To be successful at what you do is dependent on your adherence to the principles that governs what you do.

I recently enrolled for an online course , PURPOSE UNIVERSITY,which is an online platform for the discovery of purpose to be able to live life powerfully!. In the second Module of the course outline, the coach drew my attention back to the purpose of creation.

I went back into the scriptures to search and to understand Genesis Chapter 1 in its entirety, focusing on Gen 1:28, as I read and meditated on that, I decided to check Gen 1:28 in other translations. What I found in the  Amplified version was mind blowing:

And God bless them, and said to them, Be fruitful,multiply,and fill the earth and subdue it[using all its vast resources in the service of God and Man}……

I began to ponder this question in my heart,

Why is it so important to God, that man must have rulership of the Earth? 

I mean what’s the big deal with “Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth…..

Go back a few verse from that verse 28, A Scenario is illustrated where the Trinity in Council were holding a meeting-

The sole purpose of that meeting was to  replicate the dynamics and operations of the Heavenlies in the earth realm, in order to  succeed in that plan, they will have to replicate a type of the Godhead who will have the capacity to operate in the space that had already been provided.

A representative of the Godhead with a spirit, soul, occupying a body suited for the Earth Space, who will be able to communicate unhindered in the spiritual and the physical realm interchangeably, with the ethos of the constitution -Be fruitful,multiply, fill the earth ,rule ,dominate etc.

Now you know what happened afterward, how the principle was violated and truncated by deception.

The man was given the power and position of leadership from the beginning of creation, now it does not matter,whether  you are the president of the United states of wherever, or you are a father of Seven, or you are the stay-at-home mum of 3. Every one of us has been equipped with the capacity to lead and succeed in a given parameter called “principles”.

The guidelines or code of conduct was to increase and fill the earth( your circle of Influence,using all the vast resources in the service of God and Humanity, it doesn’t matter how people may want to explain it away, The God-factor is a vital part of living a life of principle.

Many people in today’s world are in a hurry to get things done, In a hurry to “hit it big”, forgetting that there is a principle called Time/Process, and when you try to violate the process, it backfires at you, affects not only you but everyone in your circle.

08-05-2016 09-41-28

When you leverage on principles to achieve success, it is no longer a matter of chance.

An example that comes to mind is the story of the Hebrews Boys . Daniel 1. Because of the principles they held on to, they became influencers in a foreign land compared to their counterparts. They knew who they were and made up their minds not to be subjected to what was trending in their days. Their decision to stand out was not based on material acquisition but an eternal conviction.

How to distinguish a life governed by principles:

In today’s world where everyone is trying to run the Rat race, and be like the Joneses, Their is cry to return back to the basic , to understand and begin to fully live lives with true conviction,and not try to conform to the latest facades and trends,the deception been served all over the place in the name of “success”

A cry to be fruitful,and multiply in every sense of it, how would you be able to distinguish a principled lifestyle .

*You know that true success involves process and process is spelt as TIME.

*Your sense of worth and self-esteem is not based on the accumulation of “things”, but from within, knowing who you are.

Real success begins from within, like one of my mentors, Sam Adeyemi ,Success Power International says;

First within, then without!

The value of a man is not in the price of the suit he is wearing, the Louis Vuitton Bag does not define a woman of class either. The more you obey principles of life through God , the more fulfilled you become.

*A life governed by principle is a life committed to personal development- The capacity to use our instincts based on knowledge application is what makes  a man”Homo sapien” different from animals.

A human being without knowledge, however, will behave like an animal! Living by principle require development through Information.

A life governed by principles focus more on Giving than on Receiving. 

Even the bible say, “It is more blessed to give than to receive. If we go back to our reference in Gen 1:28,  The injunction says ‘using all the vast resource for the service of God and Man. The keyword is SERVICE!

A life governed by principle takes on responsibility-

Because you know that principles guarantee success,as you apply the basic principles of life ,you become a solution provider, problem -solver for others, You begin to use your gifts to benefit others around you.

It does not matter, if you don’t have a popular name, when you begin to solve issues  in your sphere of Influence, You become an essential tool in God’s hands to meet needs  for others.

Christ lived an exemplary life governed by Principles, In his less than four years assignment on the earth realm, he walked circumspectly in those principles, He became our example. He was proactive in his dealings, and lived a balanced life!

Little wonder, Apostle Paul wrote about him, in Philippians 2;5-11, starting with this statement that has become my favourite tagline.

“Let this mind be in you as it was in Christ Jesus:


A life governed by principle must live out Genesis 1:28, in the service of God and Humanity.


Happy Weekend Ahead,

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What I learnt from Oluwaseun Ayanfeoluwa.

Celebrating Womanhood Series-Special Focus On Thriving Business Women Fellowship. Business Summit #forgeahead2016.

Last week Wednesday  on celebrating womanhood, I shared extensively about my experience at a business summit,Click here. The summit is still ongoing until the end of June. Yesterday was another powerful session, much more than the first week. It’s getting better as the week unfolds. 🙂

As my practice, I left home early because I wanted to secure a good parking space this time around. And graciously for me, I did find a good space,so I didn’t have to walk a long distance like I did last week. :D. The  reception, as usual, was awesome,and the worship session #powerful.

This week’s Speaker Oluwaseun Ayanfeoluwa is the MD/CEO, Thots N Works,an organisation that works with Small and Medium Enterprises into transforming their business into a strong and visible brand. She is brand Expert,Author,Coach, Seasoned facilitator and professional speaker. Her life mission and purpose is Inspiring others to succeed.


Ms. Oluwaseun Ayanfeoluwa speaking with such passion and intensity at the week two of TBWF Business Summit 2016.


Inspiring others to succeed was what she did, at yesterday’s summit. She spoke with such contagious passion as she shared her life’s journey with the multitude of women and men at the summit yesterday. I must confess that she messed me up with her story, I couldn’t help the tears on my face as I listened to her, at different junctions during her session, some words hit below the belt!

Ms. Seun’s story is the typical story of the stone which the builder reject which has become the chief cornerstone,( Recall the Nehemiah story). A fortified and formidable woman blazing trails,as a result of her ugly unpleasant past, she opened up about her life and marriage and how God used her pains to power her purpose.

Ms. Ayanfeoluwa began to walk in the consciousness of her divine mandate as a result of the many struggles she faced, battling with so much depression to the point of suicide attempts,But God had a greater plan for her life. Today she is an Entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, walking in the fullness of her mission and purpose and  she still forging ahead against all odds.Pressing on for the mark of the high calling, I salute her doggedness and resilience. Her trials and troubles are unfolding into testimonies and triumphs on all sides.

Some the lessons she taught during her sessions.

God uses the battles of our lives to bring out the glories of our life-The very issue or situation causing you pain is the instrument that will be used to catapult you to your God ordained destiny If you will only focus on God.

When it seems as if life is dealing with you from every angle, know that it is because you are on an assignment that far outweighs you.

God has deposited deep wells of eternal treasures in you,that the world is waiting for. If you don’t want to leave your comfort zone, God will allow the elements animate or inanimate, to make you uncomfortable. So that you do not short change your destiny.

She further emphasized the value of friendship- True friendship is very important in Forging ahead as a woman. In making friends you should be careful the kind of people you open yourself up to. In her struggles with handling emotional turmoils and depression she mentioned her friends who stood by her relentlessly, they never gave up on her because they knew she was and still is an embodiment of greatness.

Her friends stood with her encouraging her when she was on the verge of losing it all. They never gave up on her. Today they are still with her,celebrating her triumphs

Friends pick us up, when we fall down and if they can’t pick us, They lie down and listen for a while,in lying down,they help us get back up.


Woman to Woman,

A glorious treasure,sharing things alike,no facade,no secrets. Closer than close ,tighter than tight, a bond thicker than blood- The essence of friendship and sisterhood.

In finding true friendship you will experience the bad ones,but it is not a function of what people do to you, it is a function of what God will do with you with those bitter experiences. This reminds me of Travis Greene’s Intentional:

All things are working for my good

Because He’s intentional

God is intentional about every detail of your lives, the good, the bad and the in between. He is using all of the experiences to build a strong,dynamic,world changer. You are the one He’s building. Don’t despair in the face of the adversary. Don’t give up in adversity. God is in control.

Adversity is meant to strengthen you!

Remember always,

Where purpose is concerned,your comfort is not a priority to God-‘Seun Ayanfeoluwa.

Check out madame Ruth,everything that looked like ‘comfort’ was removed so that she could be positioned for a transgenerational relevance. who would have thought that a simple Moabitess would be in the lineage of our Lord and Saviour Jesus!

Dear Woman,The things you are going through right now,no matter how tough they may be,They are just your launching pad to ‘Greatness’. Face your fear!

See the challenges as your tools to #forgeahead #advanceintoglobalstatus #taketerritories. Because God has a plan for your life and your life is just beginning!

On this week post, I celebrate and salute the courage and tenacity of a phenomenal woman, Oluwaseun Ayanfeoluwa, who is at the cutting edge of her purpose and mandate on this side of eternity present and who is forging ahead against all odds.

I also celebrate all the Thriving Women in #TBWF, and all my sisters and friends here and all over. In the words of that popular song, I say

Ain’t no stopping us now, we are on the move 😀

#Forgeahead #makeimpact#strategicprogression #celebratingwomanhood.


Your sister/friend

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Mr Follow-Follow.(Understanding the dynamics of Mentoring)

If you don’t follow, you won’t be followed.



Mr follow follow
Fela’s design for album .Mr follow follow.


I guess if you are following or you are been followed , we can safely call you Mr or Mrs. Follow-follow.

Knowing where you are going is the first step to getting there.

So where are you going?

Also bear in mind that what you are trying to do, or better still where you are trying to get to. Has someone already been there? Of course Yes, someone has already achieved what you are aiming at.

Two weeks ago, I taught at the weekly service of my local assembly, and I shared a few insight on Mentoring. I had written a post about mentoring in the early days of blogging. Now I am revisiting the subject with the aim of deeper and better understanding.

In my homeland, we have this cliche’Mr. Follow-follow’ made popular by the legendary musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.Here’s the song and it meaning.

Some dey follow follow dem close dem eye/ some  people follow others without been observant or vigilant.

Some dey follow follow dem close dem mouth/ some  people follow without communication

Some dey follow follow dem close dem sense/ some follow others without  mental intelligence

If you dey follow follow /If you are following someone

Make you open eye,open ear,open mouth ,open sense./communicate, ask , questions observe your environment

Na dat time you no go fall. /  So that you don’t end up falling.

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iSucceed…For the love of Mentors and Life coaches.

There is a common African proverbs,

If you want to go fast, go alone

If you want to go far, go in a company.

This proverbs reiterate the importance of working together with other people in order to realize and achieve your objectives in life.  I remember my growing days as a young child, how my father always encouraged me to keep striving to be a better person. He was very instrumental to my passion for reading books, I believe he was a great influence to the kind of books I still read up till date.

Behind every success in life, stands a mentor,someone who lovingly tells us when we are drifting away from the path, who also gives a pat in the back when we do right.  They are found everywhere.

Mentors can be found at home,school,church,sport fields, and in business. My father was my first mentor in the home, I remember when I will come back from school, despite the fact that I was on the top 3 list of exceptional students in my class, and in sport activities ,I felt like a nobody because of my size. I was the ‘shortest’ in my class, that gave me a kind of complex that I struggled with even in my adult years. My Dad was always there to speak boldness and confidence into me.

I believe because of my ‘petiteness’, if there’s word like, and brilliance I could easily draw attention to myself, and as such found people who wanted to help me get out of my ‘complex’ issues and maximize the potentials they saw in me. I found mentors and coaches in my teachers also. I could easily walk up to them and ask questions, receive guidance on different topics from academia to peer pressure stuffs.Read More »

Beyond new year resolution 2.

Yesterday I asked a question.

What will you do differently in 2016? . This was the same question I asked myself in January 2015. You see I was tired of writing new year resolutions and not being able  to keep the goals. Before the year 2015,I was reading Stephen coveys ‘ 7 Habits of highly effective people. It did open my eyes to certain truth about myself.

I didn’t want to start 2015 with the usual (‘same ol’ same ol’). what will I do differently this year asked myself, in all honesty it was a difficult question because it required that I really look into every area of my life and decide what to change,do away it,and new habits to inculcate.  

That question in the beginning of the year,opened me up to work on self Improvement and focus on Family. Today with just about 9 days to the end of 2015. I can say that I did my Family life differently  and created room for bonding in my marriage and with the entire family.

As regards self improvement one of the major area I focused on was with personal finance- I began to read more books on finance,wealth creation and all that. I must say that it helped me- My personal finance in 2015 is something to be proud of ,I was able to reduce on wastage,and saved more.

Based on the results I have seen in my life,as a result of the question. Here are some tips to finding the alternatives, to making new year resolutions,and sticking to it.

*What is the one thing that you really want to do? That thing you can actually achieve and celebrate when it’s done. 

It may be more than one, but the rationale behind this is actually focusing on the needful that will propel you to a greater height,in whichever area of your life.

*Don’t write resolutions without deadlines. Focus on the process that gets you closer to your goals,and give yourself deadlines. 

One of things I set out to do differently was in the area of my calling/profession-Music. In the past years of releasing an album it took me 3 years to release my second album,which was released in 2012  due to lack of funds as an independent artist who was not under any label. With the new album project I have been working on, I set a deadline of 1 year, and that funds will not delay.Today the album is almost a wrap and of a truth,funding as not been an issue.

*Be prepared for all that it going to take to see your goals achieved.

You have to be ready give it all your best in terms of everything it will cost you to see the goals becoming a reality. I didn’t want my album project to take me another 3 years like the previous one did.So what did I do? I started saving towards it,and at every point when we needed funds to do what was needful,We got it. wishful thinking will not get you anywhere,If you must make meaningful progress in the coming year.You’re not going to wish it, be ready to make the necessary sacrifice towards the achievement of the goals.

*Work from your personal values.

Sometimes we want to copy others , because we think they have good ideas, only to find out along the line that those ideas are not really in sync with our value system and we give up. If you must make any difference in 2016, you must align yourself to those activities and pursuits that align with your core values and belief system.

Don’t wait for January 1st before you start, start now. Do your appraisals for the year ending and then begin to map out those things that you will do differently in 2016.

Write the vision and make it plain on tablets,so that a herald may run with it. Hab 2:2