Monday Motivation.

It’s another beautiful Monday, by the way I love Monday’s because it is the only day of the week where I get to set out of my house as early as 5AM to go share my passion with a group of professionals who love to start off their working week with a little dose of thanksgiving and adoration to the holder of the Universe.

But today was rather different, I struggled out of bed early this morning because all my bones were aching, it was as if I had carried tons of bricks, Taking a shower was almost impossible as I felt so cold as the water touched my skin.

Maybe I should just put a call through that I wouldn’t be able to make the meeting, I don’t see how I’m, going to drive myself all the way to town in the wee hour of the morning, which is also the rush hour for Lagosians. I will be fine, I told myself. I drove myself down and we had a great time fellowshipping and encouraging one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

One of the Psalms that jolted me out of my drowsiness was in Psalms 37;8bpsalms 37

The last sentence of the scripture is what popped out to me like never before, “do not fret -it only causes harm. How many times have I fretted over nothing, got my adrenalin boiling for one reason or the other, and at the end of the day, the situation didn’t change because of my fret?

A lot of us go through life moping over circumstances that are beyond us, feeling uneasy because of the opinions of men, constantly and visibly anxious over family, worrying about anything and everything to the point that it affects our physical, mental and spiritual well being. All the fussing and worrying ends up not changing a thing.

When I saw this last part of the passage I knew that it was for me, and I knew I had to do something about my many frets and worries especially with my children. As I read the line over and over to myself I found out that what my fretting does is that it tends to exaggerate the enormity of the present situation over the faithfulness of God. it was like God telling mean that every time I worry about anything, I make that the thing bigger than Who He is to me and as a result our relationship is affected.

Fretting affects our relationship with God, it also affects our relationship with others, especially people in our immediate environment and space. we are over-focused on the bad situation that we forget God’s faithfulness, and are overfocused on the not-so-right-things that our spouses or children do that we forget that having them around is a reminder of God’s blessings to us.

Remember I mention that fretting affects us bodily, mentally and all other allies. It is believed that 80percent of the physical disease has a spiritual root, so how do we avoid fretting?

The same Psalm 37 provides us with a way out of fretting and eating our hearts out for any situation or circumstances. We must get our focus off the negatives and consciously be mindful of all the goodness of God that surrounds us, within and without. Whatever you focus on, you give power to.  When we focus on the beauty of God around us, we make all other concerns little. we learn to trust GOD, Which is actually the remedy for fretting: trusting God, committing our ways to him, and acknowledging him no matter how mundane or how great the circumstances may be.

As we learn to trust, lean and depend on Him, he gives us the peace and calmness to go through the eye of the storm without fear or frets.




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Stay with it,Until it sticks.

Every Monday, I do a video blog called #mondaymusing on my facebook page and on my Instagram page as well. Today I shared the topic above,”stay with it,until it sticks”- The Power and principle of vision and focus.

About a week ago,My husband bought a music CD,played it in my car, and left it there. I played it also,but there way a particular track on the CD that just appealed to my person, so I kept on playing that track, it was on repeat mode everyday that I had to drive .

It got to a point, that even while asleep I could still sing the song, It was practically playing non-stop in my head and heart. A remarkable experience it was for me, because the experiment or exercise just proved to me that when you keep doing something over and over again ,it becomes a part of you.

The same principle is applicable to life, purpose  your vision, the more you do it,and keep doing it, the more it becomes a part of you.

In the same week, I met a dear friend,who told me she read my interview in the tabloid, that as she was reasing, she just couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that I stayed with my assignment and calling against all odds, she told me, “Sis you just wouldn’t bulge to life’s threat, you kept at this assignment”.

I told her , I didn’t have any choice than to stay with it until it sticks. I tell you thare were days and season where I just wanted to give up, but then when you realise that God’s purpose for you is the reason why you are, you will summon courage and begin to push.

Vision and Purpose can only be accomplished by focusing and focusing on to the end,whatever purpose God has given you, that may be looking bleak now.Stay with it, until the end.


There is no vision that get accomplished at the beginning of the process, at the end it speak if you only stay with it, have you given up on a dream, or projects or whatever, go back again, oick that thing up and start all over again.

You have been placed in ths earth realm for that vision, that purpose of God, so hang on in there, stay with it until it sticks, because at the end it shall speak.

Remember, Jesus Christ,he said in the scriptures, that he came for one purpose, for one vision was he sent to be the sacrifice for man, and he stayed with that assignment until the end, today, after thousands of years after, Humanity is still been blessed because of Christ.

Humanity is also waiting and counting on you to give full expressions to the mandate of God for your life,so that people can be blessed, even though it doesn’t look like much right now, I encourage as I encourage myself.

Stay with it,until it sticks!


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Monday In the Mix.

It’s another Monday, in the month of August, the month is fast reeling away, wow how time flies.

Early today on my #MondaymusingswithOBA , on my facebook wall. I shared my thoughts on the need to be committed to the little tasks, assignment that we have been entrusted with, it is in total commitment to the ” little” that great stuff can be handed to us.

The scriptures say, “If you are faithful in little things , more things will be handed to you’.


God does not start us off with big things, He gives little and then watches what we do with them. And if you cannot do little things well, you can not be trusted to do big things at all.

As a new week begins, go out of your way to do the seemingly little things you have been entrusted to do, with the bigness that you carry.

Little becomes much, with consistency, commitment and great confidence that you are made of more.

Let this mind be in you as it was in Christ Jesus.


Have a great week ahead.

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Monday In the Mix.

Welcome to an exciting Monday, a great week of Superb accomplishments- Living,Loving, Laughing and Giving no matter how big or small.

No matter how everything turns out today,and even this week. Remember God got your back.

keep calm




Have a blessed week ahead.

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