Wordless Wednesday.

I had to go into the archives to fetch this picture out. Any guess what I was doing here? The answer is too obvious though. xoxo   Shalom ©OBA 2018.All Rights Reserved.    

The many wishes #writephoto.

On a tree far away There hung my dreams in different shades of colours of the rainbow like ribbons in the skies dripping down hanging loosely on the branches Oh, I wish The many wishes of my heart almost lost hope fade away In that far away where my dreams hang still ****** Here I…

Wordless Wednesday.

  It’s Wordless Wednesday when pictures speak louder than words. This photo was taken sometimes back, at one of my music events, the little boy came with his Mum to watch me perform. Can you guess what his expression was about?   © OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Tidal waves of life #writephoto.

waves misty skies meet the sea the blue sea roaring with waves as the waters splash on land sweeping  debris on the sands rocks and stones piled up in quiet surrender as the wave makes pebbles dance on the shore just like love coming in waves sometimes it calms sometimes it terrifies with its intense…

Cloudy Skies.

  Cloudy skies Oh beautiful firmament Cloudy,  foggy or  even stormy The blue sky radiates it beauty Even though it looks dark See the splash of gold layered within A ray of shining sun Sometimes life could present you with some fogginess A ray of sunlight is on the horizon Never despair.   ©OBA 2018….

Photo of the Day.

I just stumbled on some photos of mine from about 4 years ago. This particular one caught my eyes. a lot of things have happened to me between that time and now. But one thing or two things that are constant are God’s faithfulness to me, and that smile on my face. I am grateful…

Wordless Wednesday.

Wow, it’s Wednesday, another opportunity for picture speak. This photo was taken walking down the beautiful mall at Islazul during my last visit to Spain.     ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved

Photo of the day.

On the street of Sol, in Madrid. One day I will perform my music in front of my  Spanish audience, #aneveningwithOBA #Spanishedition. Think it, dream it, do it. Musica en Vivo – Live Music. (c. OBA2018. All Rights Reserved.

Photo of the Day.

This is my photo of the day. Taken yesterday as we went out and about the City of Madrid. This is a section of the mall PARQUESUE, I was fascinated by the inscription on the wall. I had to take the picture. EL AGUA FUENTE DE VIDA! meaning The Water as fountain of life.   copyright (c….

River Rise #writephoto.

I missed Sue’s #writephoto prompt for Friday because I had to travel and it was impromptu, wasn’t ready but had to. Coupled with jetlag and a new environment my body reacted in a funny way. but I am getting better at least I can do some writing before going to bed. So here is my…