Waiting In The Dark . #writephoto


A long dark doorway 

leading all the way  down

with just trickles and splashes of light

 fear gripped me

Like a man grip on a child

I felt the chills of darkness

After the dark comes the light

but it seems like an endless journey 

through the dark alley

I want to run to safety

But my feet are stubborn

to go the extra miles

With you, I am waiting

In this dark alley

when I wait for you

I am full of darkness.


(c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.




What happenned to the world? #writephoto

arch sue

Everyday people throng past through the pathway

Different faces, from many places

With pieces of baggage

Big and Small

You can tell from their faces

Different stories from their smiles frown and the in between

The pathway filled with so much diversity

It’s always been a unifying walkway

No matter who you are

Everyone’s got to pass through

Regardless of status or creed

pride or prejudice

The arch, the pathway of life’s hustle.

The arch is empty today,

What happened to the world?


Nature Intermingle.


The rays splashed through the dark clouds

The mountains almost kissing the skies

In between the landscape  flows the beautiful streams

Hearing the chirpings of birds making melody

As the trees clap their hands with the wind blowing northwards

Nature intermingling in harmony

Sweet serenades like the symphony.

(c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle.

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