My Muse…bestowed.

My almost 8month old boy, sleeping after a few minutes of tantrum.

Look what heaven gave me

At middle age year

See the beautiful treasure

Bestowed on me 

when I least expected

He is now my muse

An inspiration

Those tiny feet are growing

And those hands too, his grip getting stronger

It seems like yesterday,

He was so small and new.

Now I watch him as he grows daily

Holding on to every tiny moment

Cherishing every snuggle

This bestowed embodiment of love

Is growing fast right before my eyes.


(c.OBA2018@Thekingsoracle. All Rights Reserved.

A Slice of Heaven.

A slice of heaven

A dream called home

for comfort, for love,

for healing, for friendship

A place where nothing else matters

but you and me

Together hand in hand

cheering one another

not afraid or intimidated by your success

where you are my chief cheerleader,

doing together better

A slice of heaven a dream called home

I can do bad all by myself

but here we do better together

We laugh together

We love together

we write together

we sing together

Your smiles bring life

I pat you on the back

You wink back at me

Such pure joy sharing life with you

you got my back, and I got yours.

Ours is a slice of heaven

A dream called home.

True friendship is indeed a slice of heaven!



This poem was inspired by my comment on my ever radiant friend’s site. Upliftgirl

Do check her out, uplifting blogsite I must say.

Waiting In The Dark . #writephoto


A long dark doorway 

leading all the way  down

with just trickles and splashes of light

 fear gripped me

Like a man grip on a child

I felt the chills of darkness

After the dark comes the light

but it seems like an endless journey 

through the dark alley

I want to run to safety

But my feet are stubborn

to go the extra miles

With you, I am waiting

In this dark alley

when I wait for you

I am full of darkness.


(c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.




A man like mine.

A man like mine

fine like fresh wine

from the vine

Le boo

in suit

decked up to toe

he’s just a bloke

I can call my own.

A man after God

Ordained and called

To bless his world

to which I belong

My crowning glory

a part of my story

doing together better

fifteen years after

through the thick and thin

the good, the bad and in between.

blessed with valiant men

A man like mine

fine like wine

from the vine.



It’s not his birthday, I’m just loving my le boo, poetically today!


(c.OBA2018@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.






I am like the branches growing from the boughs of the tree

The huge trunk filling the earth space

extending its root to the deep waters

firmly rooted in the earth

as the dew of heaven falls freely

here I am waiting for the rain

to caress my skin

ebony brown

I am an offshoot of the root of Jesse

The morning star

shining brightly upon mother earth

The tree of life

whose branch I am

amongst my brethren

the other branches

a sheltering umbrella against the tides.

The “I AM” the vine

The branches we are.



in response to Waiting on words 17.