Random Musings #100.

                                     Every one is equal before Art! how true is this statement? I heard these words from a Television advert during the week, the focus was on ballerinas and it was likened to every other type of creative…

Random Musings #99

Life is not about achieving as much as you possibly can, or making all the money that you can make, life is about LOVE! The love that causes us to see ourselves in one another.   Enjoy a beautiful day ©OBA 2018.

Random Musings 96.

The body of Christ is not a commodity or an article of commerce, to be looted by a gospel of greed for a preacher to make merchandise of- Donnie Swaggart.   ©OBA 2018.    

Sufficient for today.

Living for the future or living for now Everyone seems to be lost in tomorrow and Today  is already in the abyss Looks like the worth of a man Is tied to the plan of the morrow Whatever happened to today So much anxiousness in the heart of men Because the freedom of today has…

“Eunoia”… Today’s word.

I discovered a new word last night, “Eunoia”, there is still a debate about its pronunciation. some say it is yoo-noy-ah while others think it should be eh-yu-no-ya with the stress on the first syllable. Whatever the case may be, I prefer the first pronunciation though. But much more than the pronunciation what got to me was the meaning-…

Random Musings #80.

  Children face many overwhelming issues in their lives, some they can learn to deal with, others are beyond their control- That’s where we come in as parents, wards, guardians or caregivers. To help them to the best of our ability… It’s not that Adults don’t have issues too, so who helps the adults with…

Random Musings #76.

I know the direction, I am trying to find the path I know the outcome, I need to find the strategy… whichever way, I must find my voice.   (c.OBA2018.

Random Musings #71.

Change is an Unchangeable law of Progress. The person who never changes his opinion never corrects his mistakes. When you change your picture, you automatically change your performance.   (c.OBA2018@Thekingsoracle. All Rights Reserved.    

Random Musing #71. Value -added Living.

As one continues to age like fine wine, it becomes important to know the things that are important and valuable to the journey as age sets in, you get to the point where you are no longer interested in certain things that used to tickle your fancy way back when… Recently, le boo and I…

Just in Case… Random Musings #70

HERE ARE A FEW REMINDERS: Life is in phases, stages and seasons- Don’t get bogged in the details of your life. Keep the big picture in mind, but don’t forget to enjoy the little moments each passing day. Don’t consider yourself more important than you really are. Don’t pity yourself don’t live in anger and fear- That’s two danger…