Random Musings #71.


Change is an Unchangeable law of Progress.

The person who never changes his opinion never corrects his mistakes.

When you change your picture, you automatically change your performance.


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Random Musing #71. Value -added Living.

As one continues to age like fine wine, it becomes important to know the things that are important and valuable to the journey as age sets in, you get to the point where you are no longer interested in certain things that used to tickle your fancy way back when…

Recently, le boo and I were at a friend’s 50th birthday dinner, it was a first time experience for both of us to attend a function with such royalty. It was an exquisite experience in plain sight.

The ambience of the venue was serene and spectacular at the same time, with so much colour and vibrancy, it was a black-tie event, Everybody looked regale, there was so much candour in the room, it was almost impossible to breathe.  At some point in the program of the evening the toastmaster had several people talked about the celebrant, a number of people spoke, even those who were in the diaspora also chipped in their thoughts of the celebrant.

At the end of the event, as hubby and I were driving back home we had a few things that we had learnt from the gathering to share with one another. We both came to the conclusion that life’s blessing is not just a function of the material possessions that you can acquire, but it is in the lives of people that you are able to impact as a result of your existence.

It is about living the value added life, finding yourself and living true to you.


How do you make yourself more valuable?

As people commented and made remarks about the celebrant one thing that was glaring to all was her heart for learning. They talked about how she had learned to ride the bikes with her siblings at an early age, and how recently she went circling from Nigeria all the way to Ghana. Learning new things, things that are of interest to you. I have always been fascinated by Photography

That’s one thing I also want to learn, to put myself out there out of my comfort zone and become a student once again, by the way, life is a continuous lesson.

Do things that are important to you. What are those things that are important to you, that you value more than anything else in the world?  create time for such and make the best use of them. 

So that you are not regretting many years down the line when you longer have the capacity to do those things.

Do the things that bring out the best in you. If it is writing, do it.  If it home keeping, travelling, singing, helping other people, Whatever brings out the best You. Go for it.

Spend time in silence and solitude.

Get comfortable with being alone with yourself, it is empowering, rest in quietness. The ability to shut out the noise and bickerings of your immediate environment in order to be in touch with you and with God.

Face your fear, and find refuge in prayer. The Bible says fear brings torment, and that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of love, power and sound mind.

When you invest time wisely in these way, you will a better version of you for you and for others around you. Life becomes more meaningful and worth living too.


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Just in Case… Random Musings #70


Life is in phases, stages and seasons- Don’t get bogged in the details of your life. Keep the big picture in mind, but don’t forget to enjoy the little moments each passing day.

Don’t consider yourself more important than you really are.

Don’t pity yourself

don’t live in anger and fear- That’s two danger zones you must avoid.

BE PRESENT- seize the day. Make every moment count


Connect with your true self and most importantly connect with GOD.

Treat people as you want to be treated.

Patience is a virtue.


As we say in Naija….life na jeje!

life na jeje



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Random Musing #63

Criticism can only damage you to the level that your insecurities allow!

Why would allow any kind of damage in the first place, I know it’s sometimes hard when our work or creativity is been scrutinised, but it always for the best even if you didn’t get a good criticism- The end result of any kind of critic is to get better, depending on which perspective you are seeing things.

So let go of the fear and insecurities. Embrace every feedback of your work as an opportunity to be better at what you do.

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Random Musing #7

Never sell yourself short

You deserve much more than an option

Rather than a priority.



I’m not a back up plan

And definitely not a second choice

You wanr to know what I’m worth

Check His pierced hands and feet

Wounded for my transgression

Bruised for my iniquity

paid in full


I am worth far more than money can buy!

My worth is in Christ alone

He paid it all!

On Calvary.




Pause and think,

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