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Decide and base your decisions on potentials developed not on material gains.

Personal growth over immediate pleasure will qualify to stand in the midst of great people.

In realising your potentials practice self-discipline, seek continuous improvement  in every area of life.

Pay attention to details.



Jackie’s Thinking Corner.

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Resolving or Managing Conflicts.

Conflicts take place every day, it is a part of our everyday life and that is because in our day to day activities we interact with people, in the course of our interactions we find that our interests varies, and differs from one people to another.

The differences in opinion often lead to  bitterness, heartaches,broken relationships, divorce etc. We  know that conflicts are often marked by disagreement.


Like the Bible says

Can two walk together, except they be agreed. Amos 3:3,

The issues that escalate into wars among nations are most of the time, the results of unresolved conflicts. Conflicts don’t just happen, they are as a result of many factors interwoven and interplaying together, top

the list of these factors is a breakdown of communication.

Before an argument can morph into conflicts,there are about 3 stages that it would have passed through.

*There are opposing views

*Attacking the person/persons  with the pertinent opposing views

* Which leads to frustration and over time lead to terminating such relationship.

When we understand these stages in conflicts situation, it becomes very easy to truncate conflicts and prevent them from degenerating.

Unresolved conflicts affect can cause lifetime havoc, if not checked and deal with immediately, it can  deter one’s progress,cloud your future and it can terminate dreams.

There is an old German saying,

A wise man will never look for who is wrong;rather he deals with what is wrong.


The only way we can resolve conflict situation is to  confront it head on.

Matthew 18:15-17

If your brother or sister sis sins, go and pointout their faults, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over……if they will not listen take one or two others along….

From the above text, here are ways that we can tackle the issues of conflicts.

  1. Make the move to resolve the conflict, take the initiative. Don’t wait for the other person, be the first to make the move.
  2. Avoid getting into arguments all the time.
  3.  Willingness to listen
  4. When you are wrong, admit it and apologize
  5. Learn to forgive and be tolerant, even when you are the offended party.
  6. Involve a third party when the issues get out of hand  and you can’t resolve alone.
  7. Pray for wisdom to handle differences, and peace in dealing with people.
  8.  In the worst case scenario, when it looks like the resolution is not possible, learn give space to the party involved.


Sometimes, it seems easier said than done, but when we totally yield total control to God, he gives us guidelines and wisdom to handle difficult situations and difficult people.

Remember He told us, that as much as it lies in our power to follow peace with all men.



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The Big Picture Thinking.

helen keller

The big picture thinking is collaborating to create value for others and not for selfish interest, especially in a world where the gospel of ” Me, myself and I” Predominant.

The big picture for any individual, or corporate entity involving people is to create value for others, and as we all do so , we, in turn, become beneficiaries of the values we create in others and for others.


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Random Musing #49.



What you believe about yourself radically affects the way you live your life: The goals you reach the heights of character you aspire to, your relationship with people, your connection with your  creator and Father.

Believe the truth about your Identity-That truth is found only in God. You are his treasured Possession. That you are a valued creation, helps you to live a fulfilling life.

I am a valued Creation of God.

I am my fathers daughter-God’s own girl.

I am comfortable in and with my skin.


What about you?

Are you comfortable with you?

Have you accepted yourself yet?



Pause and think

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Forge Ahead!

I dare say  that my mantra this month and for the remaining  half of 2016 is “forge Ahead”.Taking the lead and intentionally making progress whether it is slow or in rapid advancement. 

The year is fast wrapping up and before you know it, 2016 will be history, but until it does make every effort to forge ahead against all odds ,no matter what. It may look as if things are not coming together as you’ve envisaged, don’t get discouraged, just forge ahead!

Here are some nuggets and quotes to inspire you to keep on keeping on, It’s not over yet!

forge ahead2forge ahead 1

Sometimes, in forging ahead you have to let go of past hurts, disappointments,emotional turmoil that are impeding your progressive progress.

forge ahead3

Remind yourself of your last victory when you get to that crossroad where everything is telling you can’t go further. Tell your situation,the story of your last triumph against all odds and watch how things move for you to make advancement.

forge ahead4

Remember this always:

forge ahead5

Don’t quit on that good habit to launch you to your next level.

forge ahead6

forge ahead7

forge ahead8

It doesn’t matter at what speed you are forging ahead, What matters is that you are making swift progress, slowly but surely just forge ahead!

Take the leap!

Make that move!

If you are going through “L” don’t stop there!

Go forward …. forge ahead!


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Living Generously!

There is no stingy person who was truly happy. No generous person is ever grumpy or sad. I guess there is a reason why the miserly scrooge is seen as grouchy and the giving Santa is a jolly good fella.

If you give,you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, and running over,whatever measure you use in giving-large or small-it will be used to measure what is given back to you. Luke 6:38

For someone like me, I  used to be very stingy with pieces of stuff because I thought that the more you hold on to things the more you will have . I didn’t know that according to scriptures,  there is a great blessing that accompanies being generous. 

Not only in finances alone but in every area of life, living generously in terms of everything that we have been given. I learnt to be a more generous person by watching my husband over the years lived out Luke 6:38. I am still a working progress no doubts 😀

I have learnt  that there is a link between Joyful living and generosity. Being generous  gives us joy and the joy well feel prompts us to be generous. You feel honored to be the cause of another’s happiness, In any form whatsoever!

Like I said earlier, living generously does not come naturally for most of us, at least I can say that for myself, I learnt it through a series of stretching experiences, BTW the stretching is still ongoing.

When we live a life of generosity, we are going a step forward to reflect the generous nature of our creator-God. We show forth the extravagance of God, in whom all things consist.

The greatest form of generosity is to give of ourselves- God demonstrated this by giving himself up for us- In Christ. when we really absorb this truth we will experience life with an overflow of joy and gratitude and our uncontainable joy will leave us no choice but to live generously.

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