Crushing On Lupita!

It’s still celebrating Womanhood Wednesday. I’m loving the person of Lupita Nyong’o  today as I came across some of her amazing quotes. I hope you find inspiration in this insightful quotes.   Enjoy! photo credit: OBA2018@Thekingsoracle.  

Confronting the “shallowness” syndrome.

Hello Womenfolk all around the globe, today is Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday. It also happens to be one of my friend’s birthdays, actually, a friend turned sister. I remember I totally forgot her birthday sometimes ago when she turned Forty, at that time our friendship was going through some rough patches then. But thank God things are…

The Virgin ….and her companions.

  She is dark  and lovely, Adorned from head to toe  With fine ornaments from the orient Respledent, As she gracefully stepped into the Arena. All eyes on this rose petals  The ebony beauty beaming with gracious smiles She gallantly walked the stage Swirling her sweet shinning hair to the back Pridefully she carried herself  My Father’s…

A living Prophesy .

Hello Women all around the blogosphere, it’s another Wednesday for celebrating Womanhood (CWW) Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday. I know it’s been a very long time, like a year or more since I wrote anything on womanhood. Well, let’s just say life happened. Woohoo!! I am back here again, and I am super excited about great things…

The Women Who Are Too Much!

    God peeped out of the window of His vast heaven. Looked down to see His pretty jewels The heavens beamed with Joy When the Holder and Owner of the Universe Paused to look at Eve(s) with such pure joy This one-Co-creator with the Creator His Prized Possession. He beheld us in Her. We are…

Celebrating Womanhood…Wednesday!

To all my amazing great women,old and young, not matter the status, It is #celebratingwomanhood Wednesday. I just decided to love you all with these beautiful quotes from other great women. To the woman in you….please don’t fade away!     From your Sista OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved. PICTURES CREDIT:

Dear Daughter, Don’t Let them Define You!

Every Wednesday I write a post focusing on celebrating womanhood at all levels,today I couldn’t write any because my eyes are kind of heavy from reading,but I found this post interesting and courageous, If I had a biological daughter this is apt, So to all daughters and sisters and all women. Have a good read.

Random Musing #55

True womanhood is being free enough to celebrate another sister’s triumph, and being there to weep for her mishap when it happens.Now that’s the sister love,God wants for us.     #weareallofuscomplete #womantowoman #randommusing. OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.  

Dear God, I Need a Friend.

A big shout out to all the amazing women all over the world, being themselves and doing it amazingly. It’s another Wednesday, another exciting episode of #Celebratingwomanhood. A few days ago, I told my husband that I was inviting my friend over for lunch, the next day after Sunday Service, and of course his response…

The plague of discontentment.

Every woman I know has had to deal with the plague of discontentment at one point or the other, deep within us is that cry for more! Which makes us dissatisfied with the present situation we find ourselves. As women, we are known to complain about everything, at every stage of life, no matter the…