Hire Me

I started writing at a young age, but never took it seriously, I kept on writing until my teenage years, and somewhere along the line forgot about it. I took it up again during my freshman year at the University, it was also at the time when I had an encounter with God that will bring about a pivotal change in my life.

I was given 3 mandates, Sing it, Say it and Write it. For the most part of my life the musical expressions have been in the forefront, until recently I decided to be intentional and deliberate about my writing, not that I wasn’t intentional  about writing before now, But I made a strong resolve that my writing will not only impart or impact and influence my reader but it will also bring me income…#widegrin.

A girl can use some extra dough. #sidehustle.  Do you want to express your thoughts to a loved one, send greetings, express your heart and don’t know how to go about it, I am just a pen and a paper away.

I am here, Holla at me, let me help you breathe into those ideas and thoughts, and give them wings to fly on your behalf!

Let’s pop up your ideas with some shades of awesomeness.