Fun in the Sun. # ronovanwrites #weekly #Haiku.

  Hey  baby baby it’s a sunny day wanna take off your shoes let’s take a walk on the beach it’s time for some  fun under the sunny skies with you by my side…   (c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle.    


  Like a mother, hen incubate her chicks So I see God keeping us under his wings to keep us warm, as we develop and muster strength For the assignment of life. Sometimes we just want to run off because it seems life is passing by Not knowing we run the risk of being exposed too early…

Nature Intermingle.

The rays splashed through the dark clouds The mountains almost kissing the skies In between the landscape  flows the beautiful streams Hearing the chirpings of birds making melody As the trees clap their hands with the wind blowing northwards Nature intermingling in harmony Sweet serenades like the symphony. (c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle. In response to writephoto

Angels Song.

I heard it first Twas while I slept I heard it again Could it be a dream Woke with a song In my head and resonates in my heart The thought brought me peace They said Angels sang to me So I awake to sing sing the peaceful ……ANGELS SONG.       In response…

What color are you grateful for? DAY 3.

It’s the DAY 3, of gratitude challenge. Today’s Challenge is about color. I am a lover of all colors sparkling and bright. But one color stands out for me; Purple!  Yayy! I am so in love with the color purple, because of the royalness that it depicts.    So what color or colors are you grateful…

What Technology Are You Grateful For?

DAY 2: Well, I failed in posting my Day 2, of my 30 days gratitude challenge, yesterday. So here is my day 2. What Technology Are You Grateful For? Recently I have been involved in live streaming of my early Monday morning musing ,with a little touch of Worship embedded in the streaming .I am so…

Discover Challenge: Songs from my heart.

via Discover Challenge: Song. Song my favorite word. Singing has become second nature to me, The feeling that overwhelms me when I take the microphone and stand on the stage, truly I was born for this.  Music found me,and lyrical expression was embedded in my loins, such that even in my sleep ,I am singing…

30 days of Gratitude November.

Hello Everyone, it great to be back here on WordPress. What a way to get my blogging groove back, sharing my gratitude for each day. I saw something that caught my fancy earlier today on Facebook and decided to use it as my writing inspiration- 30 DAYS OF GRATITUDE. DAY 1: WHAT SMELL ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR?…

At The Beach!

It’s time Let’s  get going Fun time is it When we gather at the beach Sandcastle in the sand The waters whirl with the tides With the shades, I see the sun Kissing softly on my skin Let’s gather some sea shells The children love to sell It always a great fun time At the beach….

Hope alive.

Keep hope alive Let it lift up your soul From the dungeon of despair A ray of sunshine In your stead Oh child things will get better Lift up your eyes  To the sky Keep hope alive.   OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved   In response to RonovanWrites weekly haiku poetry prompt challenge Hope & Up

With Time Unending!

With time they grow Day by Day  I’ve watched them morphed into greatness How long ago They were just tiny babies Today, the boys are gradually becoming men. With time unending My gratefulness never ceasing.     OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved RonovanWrites#weekly#haiku#poetry#prompt#challenge time&grow