September is here.

You are welcome oh September My second most favourite month I have been waiting for you to come to birth all my deliverables. I see you Oh September I know this journey together you and I Will be such fun.   ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.

My New Improved…better version!

Like they say Change is the only constant thing in life.  At every point in life, we experience seasonal changes. To this end, I want to welcome you to the changes happening on my site.  I have changed from the to A Thousand shade of awesomeness. About two years ago, I was interviewed for my…

Random Musing #72.

An Entrepreneur He who cast aside his assurance of forty hour weeks leaves the safe cover of tenure and security…and charges across perilous fields of change and opportunity. if he succeeds, his profit will come not from what he takes from his fellow citizens, but from the value, they freely place on the gift of…

Random Musings #71.

Change is an Unchangeable law of Progress. The person who never changes his opinion never corrects his mistakes. When you change your picture, you automatically change your performance.   (c.OBA2018@Thekingsoracle. All Rights Reserved.    

I changed my mind…….

I hear her from the radio The mind is a terrible thing To waste. I wonder what the blabbing was all about Then it dawned on me As I progress in my space Indeed my mind is my treasure chest The debris, I began to empty out Then things became  clearer All the negative vibes,…

Random Musing #54

Adversities  births advantages. Selah! OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

A story of Hope.

It was the usual Thursday Morning, another day for ‘Thursday Showers’, an interdenominational charismatic prayer meeting. Today like every other days, Simisola was rather reluctant to go out. ‘Simisola’,  Stanley called out,as he was making his into the room to get dressed. Stanley and Simi had been attending the prayer program for about two years…


Transition -A passage from one state,stage. Evolution from one form to another. As seen from the picture above. Life is in transition-The story of a cocoon turned to a beautiful Butterfly. What turns trash to treasure,tests to triumphs,ashes to beauty is transition or transformation. In Response to Daily Post, Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition.