What color are you grateful for? DAY 3.

It’s the DAY 3, of gratitude challenge. Today’s Challenge is about color. I am a lover of all colors sparkling and bright. But one color stands out for me; Purple!  Yayy! I am so in love with the color purple, because of the royalness that it depicts.    So what color or colors are you grateful…

Mundane Monday!

Finding beauty in absolutely everything. I made this beautiful plate of veggies. Absolutely stunning! and colourful. Dig in. 😀   OBA2016@TheKingsoracle.All rights reserved.

Pop up the color.

Day 11..I have some of my Red Tomatoes fresh from the Local Market. Still trying to get back the groove  after I was missing in action for a while.. So what do you think?   🙂 ©OBA2016@Thekingsoracle.