Get Ready you leave tonight.

Those were the words, she heard her director say to her on the other line. Immediately her jaw dropped, a cold chill overwhelmed from head to toe, she began to shiver and stutter simultaneously, as she asked,”what about my baby”?. she couldn’t just fathom the thought of leaving her almost 8-month-old baby, and travel about 567km by air…

My Muse…bestowed.

Look what heaven gave me At middle age year See the beautiful treasure Bestowed on me  when I least expected He is now my muse An inspiration Those tiny feet are growing And those hands too, his grip getting stronger It seems like yesterday, He was so small and new. Now I watch him as…


  Like a mother, hen incubate her chicks So I see God keeping us under his wings to keep us warm, as we develop and muster strength For the assignment of life. Sometimes we just want to run off because it seems life is passing by Not knowing we run the risk of being exposed too early…

Heaven’s grasp or what?

It was the about the end of my first trimester, precisely Easter Sunday, we just got back from Church and my cravings that afternoon was Eba. The husband was nice enough to make it for me, after divulging a whole bowlful. I sat to watch TV with the boys and just rest awhile, just then I felt…

Oops Baby!

She suddenly realizes  life has taken a new turn It’s no longer business as usual A little soul is here to consider Suddenly life has new meaning As she held on to his tiny hands Soft and fragile  Delicately holding  momma It’s her oops! baby…suddenly   (c.OBA2018@Thekingsoracle. photo credit:google.


As the sun beat down melting the remaining snow covering the big tree lying fallow on the ground The branch turned brown No more life left. No more green (c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle.     The Daily Post- Branch.

It took a while!

Sometimes you have the high energy to start a thing and then you start, Then comes a disrupt, and you discontinue Over time you are discouraged thinking you’ve lost your motivation well that’s the right time to restart I am on a journey of restarting all over again.   (c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle.

Who’s driving your red car?

I bet you’re wondering what the above question is all about. That was my thought too when I was asked that same question sometimes back. I had registered for a masterclass in goal setting and clarity exercise. That move was a bold one for me because the opportunity for enrolment came at such a time…

Enrolment begin!

The day that fetus enters into the world The doors of the school of life opens Where experience becomes the teacher Everyday unwraps its lessons No one ever knows what’s next on the curriculum Nobody ever gets prepared for the reality manifest Just that when life begins Enrollment begins Photo credit: Pinterest

What went wrong?

I used to think that there’s was a perfect union Until that fated morning I always thought love was enough Until that morning Bewildered I was, As I watched my lady Carrying all her bags Only to say goodbye To yesterday…   (c)OBA@Thekingsoracle2018.