September is here.

You are welcome oh September My second most favourite month I have been waiting for you to come to birth all my deliverables. I see you Oh September I know this journey together you and I Will be such fun.   ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Seven down, Just a few more… to go!

Hello Everyone, especially all of  my friends in this blogosphere. It’s been a while I know, sometimes, the break and silence are necessary for the sake of clarity. It’s a beginning of a brand new month! Wow, August is here already. There is so much to be thankful for.  About two days ago, in the…

I’m possible!

 I believe  in the authenticity of my femininity I believe in the fragility of my heart  Therein lies my strength For when I’m weak Then I am strong I believe in the truth of my voice For when I speak my heart is revealed I believe in the potency of the powers Lurked within me…

Welcome! New day,New Month.

The sun is up, A new day dawn Don’t stress, don’t fret Just try and try again. Today is proof, that you can start again. Forget the worries of yesterday Embrace the possibilities laden in today. Love is everywhere Feel it, take it,share it and spread it. Happy New Month,Y’all. It can only get better….