Cross the bridge,create possibilities#writephoto.

Over the cool streams was a bridge Surrounded by the beautiful site of nature in its glory They’ve always sat at one end wondering what was on the other side “Never border”, let’s just be here said one to the other It’s always fun hanging here together. Besides, there may be nothing fascinating on the…

Are you feeling stuck with your writing? Here are a few tips.

Sometimes you feel stuck and almost tired of writing. It’s as if your creative juice isn’t just flowing. your logic reasoning tells you to quit-It’s not worth the trouble. This is a dumb idea just forget it. I have been there and done that, at such times your reasons for writing becomes trite and useless….

Dear God, I Need a Friend.

A big shout out to all the amazing women all over the world, being themselves and doing it amazingly. It’s another Wednesday, another exciting episode of #Celebratingwomanhood. A few days ago, I told my husband that I was inviting my friend over for lunch, the next day after Sunday Service, and of course his response…

Wordless Wednesday.

  Pictures speak Louder! what is ths picture saying?   SHALOM,   OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

Daily Companion.

He is always there  To answer when I call Even when I don’t call  He is my companion… forever When I am lonely And all alone His love is never far He’s surrounded me with Friends,loved ones and Families Great books and music alongside Thoughts from great minds afar keeps me company all the time….

Photos of the day.

  Sight seeing in Israel. OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.  

Friends on my mind!

  Count on me through thick and thin A friendship that will never end When you are weak I will be strong Helping you to carry on Call on me I will be there  Don’t be afraid  please believe me when I say Count on me-  This line of the song by Whitney Houston and…

For the love of reviews.

Thank you for the review of my blog for the year ending 2015. I had mixed feeling about though, I wasn’t too excited about it, that could be as a result of my state of mind in the last 2 days. Well life happens. 🙂 I have seen a lot of growth in the…

Blogging 201.

DAY 1. SET 3 GOALS FOR YOUR BLOG. Though its coming a day late,It’s still better late than never. As my people in Nigeria will say,” At all ,at all na im  bad. Meaning not attempting to do anything is much  worse than trying it a little late. Here  are my 3 goals; To participate in…


Firstly, I want to extend my gratitude and appreciations to For nominating me for this award. I truly appreciate the gesture. From the bottom of my heart ,THANK YOU SO MUCH. 11 Facts about me. I am very cute and petite in stature I am not afraid I can be very blunt and audacious…