The only thing that’s constant in life is Change! But it’s quite hard to see things grow old. The town in which I grew up is growing old, wait a minute. I am growing old too. I remember the house I grew up in, in spite of the renovations over the years, the building is…

Once upon a time girl ! #writephoto

Jasmine had never built a healthy image of herself. Rejection during her early years had left her feeling out of place, unloved and unlovable. She would often write about her experiences in her journal. which was like her passageway to her reality, where she kept track of life’s eventualities. In one of her entry she…

Cloudy Skies.

  Cloudy skies Oh beautiful firmament Cloudy,  foggy or  even stormy The blue sky radiates it beauty Even though it looks dark See the splash of gold layered within A ray of shining sun Sometimes life could present you with some fogginess A ray of sunlight is on the horizon Never despair.   ©OBA 2018….

Hope alive.

Keep hope alive Let it lift up your soul From the dungeon of despair A ray of sunshine In your stead Oh child things will get better Lift up your eyes  To the sky Keep hope alive.   OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved   In response to RonovanWrites weekly haiku poetry prompt challenge Hope & Up