Let this mind be in you as you enter the weekend. Enjoy!   ©OBA 2018

Once upon a time girl ! #writephoto

Jasmine had never built a healthy image of herself. Rejection during her early years had left her feeling out of place, unloved and unlovable. She would often write about her experiences in her journal. which was like her passageway to her reality, where she kept track of life’s eventualities. In one of her entry she…

Monday Motivation.

It’s a beautiful Monday, the beginning of another exciting working week. I trust you had a fabulous weekend. One word that kept resonating in my heart over the weekend was the word “Surrender”, This is an unpopular word that is rarely used because it creates an unpleasant image when you just think about it. It…

Tuesday Trickles

  A trickle of inspiration to keep you going this beautiful Tuesday. ©OBA 2018.

We welcome July.

Wow, we are now in the second half of the year 2018. To God be all the glory. In spite of the dooms and darkness in the past weeks. There is still a reason to be thankful. You and I are still here. Still standing by the mercies of the Most High God. As the…

Day Dawn… writephoto

beginning The dawn of a new day it’s the beginning of newness The sun rises majestically in its splendour The golden yellow sparkles heralding something new something fresh, It splashes its brightness across the skies They embrace warmly as Mother Nature waves welcome The trees clap their hands The dawn is here No more sleep…

Wordless Wednesday.

Wow, it’s Wednesday, another opportunity for picture speak. This photo was taken walking down the beautiful mall at Islazul during my last visit to Spain.     ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved

Monday Motivation.

It’s a brand new day of another beautiful week. what are your expectations? What are things you desire to see unfold to you this week? You have what it takes to see your dreams manifest. Think beautiful thoughts and you will see beautiful things happening to you and happening around you. As a man thinks…

For the love of books…A reading writer.

It was Monday, April 30th, it has been 3 days since I arrived Madrid, Spain with my brother who is also a music artiste with One Hallelujah Records. The weather in Fuenlabrada has not been favourable considering where we were coming from, Lagos Nigeria is sunny at this time of the year. It is also…

Random Musings #71.

Change is an Unchangeable law of Progress. The person who never changes his opinion never corrects his mistakes. When you change your picture, you automatically change your performance.   (c.OBA2018@Thekingsoracle. All Rights Reserved.