Wordless Wednesday.

What is the picture saying?   OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

Photo of the Day.

Beautiful scenery from the City of David. Hevenu  Shalom Ale’chem. OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

Photo of the Day!

Looking down the Kidron Valley from the City of David. #Jerusalem #Beautiful #Heights   OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

Photo of the Day.

It’s amazing how the lens of the camera can capture beauty all around. I took this picture as we drove through Jaffa street. #whenfriendsmeetinthegarden.   Enjoy a beautiful weekend. Shalom OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

As the Mountains…..

  As the mountains surrounds Jerusalem, so the Lord surround His people Psalm 125:2.  This pictures of different mountains were taken by me, as we toured the city of Jerusalem during my last vacation with my husband. In response to the Daily Post One word prompt Mountain. OBA2016@Thekingsoracle.All rights reserved.

Mundane Monday

  Mundane Monday is all about seeing beauty in seemingly insignificant or mundane things around us. I saw this collection in a shop in Jerusalem months back . I was quite fascinated by the different arrays of Toy Men. They look quite handsome in their different outfit, don’t you think? 😀     OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights…

Echoes From The Old City.

Every Thursday, Jackieobyikocha invites us to share memories of everyday life in and out of our neighbourhood. It’s always an interesting exercise . Today I am sharing bits and pieces in and around the Old city of Jerusalem. Enjoy the view 🙂   People watching the view from the mount of Megiddo          …

Surrounded by Mountains. Holy Land bliss#3

The scriptures say in Psalms 125:2, A sthe mountain surrounds Jerusalem so the Lord surrounds His people. One can see this bible passage evidently as you drive through the city of Jerusalem. The mountain are all round about the vicinities.           The Bedouin are ethnic groups,a nomadic tribe travelling to grazing…

A to Z Blogging Challenge.

I signed up for the AtoZ Blogging challenge a few days before we travelled,and due to the deliberate attempt of not blogging while on holiday,I have missed out on some of the letters. Well better late than never, I might as well join in now 🙂   Today ‘s Letter K; Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. Kibbutz…