Monday Motivation.

YOU EXIST FOR GOD. I have found out that it is quite impossible to do life and arrive at life”s purpose by starting with a focus on you. You and I are here on this side of eternity present because God wills it. Therefore it is expedient and critical to always begin with God. we…

Monday Motivation.

It’s a brand new day of another beautiful week. what are your expectations? What are things you desire to see unfold to you this week? You have what it takes to see your dreams manifest. Think beautiful thoughts and you will see beautiful things happening to you and happening around you. As a man thinks…

Monday Motivations.

It’s a beautiful Monday, Enjoy Have a fabulous week ahead, Regardless… (c. OBA2018. PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest.

Monday Motivation.

It’s another beautiful Monday, by the way I love Monday’s because it is the only day of the week where I get to set out of my house as early as 5AM to go share my passion with a group of professionals who love to start off their working week with a little dose of thanksgiving…

Stay with it,Until it sticks.

Every Monday, I do a video blog called #mondaymusing on my facebook page and on my Instagram page as well. Today I shared the topic above,”stay with it,until it sticks”- The Power and principle of vision and focus. About a week ago,My husband bought a music CD,played it in my car, and left it there….

#MondayMusing- Collaboration.

In the last few weeks , I started sharing my thoughts via video on my instagram page and on my facebook. The aim is to be able to impact someone and as a result of the impact, the someone also impacts another. On and on, and wll cause a ripple effect as the cycle goes…

Monday In The Mix.

Have a great week ahead.   OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

Random Musing 51.

Your most authentic self is not in who you are but, in who you have the potentials of becoming. Keep Pushing Keep Going Keep dreaming. Never give up Your life is beautiful. Jer 29:11. Selah! Pause and Think   OBA2016@thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.