Random Musings #100.

                                     Every one is equal before Art! how true is this statement? I heard these words from a Television advert during the week, the focus was on ballerinas and it was likened to every other type of creative…

Random Musings #99

Life is not about achieving as much as you possibly can, or making all the money that you can make, life is about LOVE! The love that causes us to see ourselves in one another.   Enjoy a beautiful day ©OBA 2018.

Random Musings #98.

We only grow by taking a risk, and the most risk of all is, to be honest with ourselves and with others. Have a great week ahead. Shalom, ©OBA 2018.

Random Musings #97.

  Never make your conviction a point of conversation. Not many people will get you, and if they understand your conviction, they try to give you their opinion.   Shalom ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.  

Random Musings 96.

The body of Christ is not a commodity or an article of commerce, to be looted by a gospel of greed for a preacher to make merchandise of- Donnie Swaggart.   ©OBA 2018.    

Random Musings #94.

Work is a process by which God makes His children wealthy, wealth is not about having money alone. It encompasses the total wholeness of Man. Toiling is a man doing his best to till a cursed ground. Don’t neglect the work and continue to toil.   ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Random Musings 93.

              The teacher is always quiet during the test or examination. In the classroom when there is a test or an examination going on with the student, You notice that Teachers rarely talk at that moment, except there is a vital information that must be accessed by the student…

Random Musings. #92

     Be prepared to be invincible for a while, put in the work that is needed, Practice your craft, do it over and over again, in the end, it will be worth it- They will call it your “big break”, but you and I know that it’s a culmination of patience and persistence.  …

Random Musings #90.

Rejection is not your final destination, There’s always someone who needs you, so when a door closes on you, there are many others waiting to open for you. Go find them even if it means knocking from door to door.   ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Sufficient for today.

Living for the future or living for now Everyone seems to be lost in tomorrow and Today  is already in the abyss Looks like the worth of a man Is tied to the plan of the morrow Whatever happened to today So much anxiousness in the heart of men Because the freedom of today has…