Cloudy Skies.

  Cloudy skies Oh beautiful firmament Cloudy,  foggy or  even stormy The blue sky radiates it beauty Even though it looks dark See the splash of gold layered within A ray of shining sun Sometimes life could present you with some fogginess A ray of sunlight is on the horizon Never despair.   ©OBA 2018….

Park Avenue. #writephoto.

It was on Park Avenue There we first met You were on the other side Walking briskly in between them, the trees I sat on this side under the umbrella provided by the trees as they spread the wings, As a cover for all and sundry. It was a surreal moment as our eyes met. The…

Photo of the day.

On the street of Sol, in Madrid. One day I will perform my music in front of my  Spanish audience, #aneveningwithOBA #Spanishedition. Think it, dream it, do it. Musica en Vivo – Live Music. (c. OBA2018. All Rights Reserved.

The dark suspense of a love night. #writephoto.

It was a huge magnificent building, as they proceeded into the hallway, the whole place was lit up sparkling with bright lights from the chandeliers hanging from above, this place has a twist to it, there was this feeling excitement on one hand as they proceed to check out the edifice inside out. There was…