Shy shy Shyllon. #ronovanwriteweekly haiku.

shy shyllon’s sounds on air So sweet every time its hit the airwaves That’s one person on the air every listener wants to hear. So  shy and sweet     PHOTO COURTESY: PINTEREST.   (c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle.  

Nature Intermingle.

The rays splashed through the dark clouds The mountains almost kissing the skies In between the landscape  flows the beautiful streams Hearing the chirpings of birds making melody As the trees clap their hands with the wind blowing northwards Nature intermingling in harmony Sweet serenades like the symphony. (c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle. In response to writephoto

Ronovan weekly Haiku-Harness my reins.

It feels good to be participating again in Ronovan’s weekly Haiku prompt challenge. It’s been a while and I have missed my amazing and fabulous bloggers/Poets. This week’s words are Rein and Quest ! Hmm. Let’s see what I come up with.   On the race track of life Humpty dumpty rhythmic flow Looking for the…