Random Musings #80.

  Children face many overwhelming issues in their lives, some they can learn to deal with, others are beyond their control- That’s where we come in as parents, wards, guardians or caregivers. To help them to the best of our ability… It’s not that Adults don’t have issues too, so who helps the adults with…

Random Musings #79.

Forgiving others start with you forgiving yourself. The toughest and hardest miles of a man’s journey is also the mightiest miles because they make him stronger, with the ability to hold on, at that moment in that season. weeping my endure for a night… (c.OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Fear and Greed, Random Musings #78.

Fear, Greed, two powerful words that connote negatives. When unchecked these two can lead us to actions there are desperate and out of character. Fear can a man think that his circumstances are worse than they are actually are. Greed will make him think that He is better than what his real present. These two,…

Random Musings #77.

It is not always to always be the one who knows it all in any conversation.  Learn to listen first, never try to force to your opinion down people’s throat.   (c.OBA 2018.  

Random Musings #76.

I know the direction, I am trying to find the path I know the outcome, I need to find the strategy… whichever way, I must find my voice.   (c.OBA2018.

Random Musings #75

          Vision is not to prove anyone wrong, it is not about proving a point. Vision is given to manifest the thoughts and intents of God for humanity per time. Everyone does not have to agree or believe in your vision, but you’ve got to believe and run with it. So…