Monday Motivations.

Happy Monday all, Hope this new week brings you all you desire. ©OBA 2018. IMAGE CREDIT: Pinterest.

Sands of Time… #writephoto.

Step by step On the sands of time I left my footprints Going forward to towards the shores I see the sea whirling, waiting Standing on the tip of shores, let my feet be swept by the wavering waters maybe then I will forget the pains of walking on the sands of time waiting for my…

Random Musing #62

Line upon Line Precept upon precept A little here A little there. #itwillcometogether #itwillmakesenseone day.   OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

Random Musing #60.

The glamour of the urgent drowns out the voice of the truly important. For success to be attained at any level in life it requires dedication and perseverance for the step by step and day by day mechanism. Learn to take the daily steps to the desired vision of the morrow. Enjoy a great weekend….

The Greatness of Little beginnings!

Do not despise the days of little beginnings Do the small assignment,task,or call with the greatness you carry and watch the assignment catch up with your great grace. Take heart, do you have a personal dream that is yet to be realised? As much as you know,is your desire in line with God’s best intent…


  Step by step Walking through Bit by bit One day at a time One step at a time On the sand of times I leave my prints  behind Walking through  Like the songwriter says, This is the journey of Life Step by step I leave on the sand of time My footsteps,my footprints.  …