Wisdom Wednesday!

Distraction is a hindrance to distinction. Focus and pay attention to the things that matter and are of utmost value. Life  keeps moving forward It does not care what I think or say or do, Why, waste time on time on thing I can’t control. Shalom OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.        

On Women- Make Way, Make Space#1.

How can I organize my life so I have time,money and energy to focus on whats’s important? Have ever had one of those days when you were 15 minutes late for an important appointment because you were behind schedule in picking the children from school,and we got you all beat up because you could not…

Tuesday Trickles… On Time!

Today My thinking Corner is the sitting room, That’s the second place you will find me in deep thoughts . Time is the most valuable treasure that has been given to mankind. It is a measure in which events and life’s activities can be ordered from the past to the present and even the future. When…

My Handful Screen…..&Haiku?

The Handful screen I held, Slipped  out from my hands I wept, Oh what a tearful end. ©OBA Writing 201:Poetry. DAY1.