Sufficient for today.

Living for the future or living for now Everyone seems to be lost in tomorrow and Today¬† is already in the abyss Looks like the worth of a man Is tied to the plan of the morrow Whatever happened to today So much anxiousness in the heart of men Because the freedom of today has…

Some…nothing to write.

I have something to write but to bring me to write it is the issue Many thoughts running through my mind Narrow down and let the ink bleed I sigh, then yawn Words let it flow Not today Hey rest your head close your eyes Just breath… I have nothing to write. {c}OBA2018@Thekingsoracle.

Random Musing #3.

Today at Sunday School our topic of discussion was¬†PROCRASTINATION’ To procrastinate is to put off a required action until a future time. To defer or Postpone. Life is full of decisions and time is often of the essence to this decisions. Procrastination is a character flaw that affects millions of people from all walks of…

The gift called,’Today’.

Today is a brand new day, A great gift from God wrapped up, In uncertainties,adventures and opportunities. With a ribbon-like Hope and Faith, that it will be sweet adventure. Excited and Overwhelmed, Unwrap today slowly and carefully, Lifting the package from the wrapper. Though it may seem like work,’unwrapping’ It’s what this gift is all…

This is the day.

This is the day that the Lord has made,I choose to rejoice and I will be glad in it. Today I choose to rejoice against all odds. What about you? Greetings Everyone.